2015 MLB Predictions

It’s that predicting time of year when everyone gets a bunch of darts and throws them at a board full of guesses. The below are my predictions for the coming season. They are correct, of course.

Who will win the…

AL East: Orioles
AL Central: Indians
AL West: Mariners

AL Wild Cards: Yankees, Angels

Yeah, it’s time for the Indians to make some noise, and especially long past time for the Mariners to win. 

NL East: Marlins
NL Central: Pirates
NL West: Dodgers

NL Wild Cards: Nationals, Cardinals

I didn’t pick the Braves for anything, but that doesn’t mean I’ll root for them. In the back of my mind I have hopes for the Braves, but the logical part of my brain knows the reality of it all. 

AL Pennant: Mariners
NL Pennant: Marlins

World Series: Mariners

Longest commute World Series ever. 

AL ROY: Dalton Pompey
NL ROY: Kris Bryant

AL CY: Felix Hernandez
NL CY: Clayton Kershaw

AL MVP: Mike Trout
NL MVP: Andrew McCutchen

I didn’t go out on any limbs for the award winners. I do hope the Braves rookies make some noise, but it sounds like no one is coming close to Bryant. 

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