So there’s a pool…

…I’m nonplussed. The Braves released more images today of their new stadium slash entertainment complex slash collection of parking decks.

The Atlanta Business Chronicle has more photos on their site, and a title that has the word “Wowza” in it… and I don’t think they’re using that word ironically. I wouldn’t have gone with wowza, especially since this pretty much just shows an outdoor mall with a pool and a generic baseball stadium.

I’m not seeing anything unique here. Not even the pool is unique, that’s been done already in several different ways (this one’s just bigger). It’s still early in the process, so there’s time for the Braves to actually earn a wowza.



I am slightly amused that the renderings are so white. That continues to make my nickname for this new park, White Flight Field, radically appropriate. (As well as radically inappropriate.)

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