Off to Ireland

keep-calm-i-m-on-holiday-1It’s been a bit slow on the blog for past couple of weeks. Over the past few years I’ve found that blogging comes in waves, and lately I’ve been in the trough of one of those waves. What better time than to just take off and get out of the country. There’s certainly nothing going on with the Braves right now.

I’m headed to Ireland for the next two weeks and will return around Memorial Day, where blogging will hopefully pick up. I’ll be seeing the Giro d’Italia as it comes through Dublin, then I’m renting a car and touring the southern part of the Island.

If you’d like to follow along on my trip, I usually tweet about my trips (you can follow me @gondeee) and I’ll be filling up this Pinterest page as I go.

Hopefully the Braves go on some crazy winning streak while I’m gone. Actually, if that happens they may not let me back in the country. I’d settle for the team getting back to just winning series.

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