Braves Lines from Opening Day

Braves lost. Booo. That’s what you’re supposed to yell at cheaters.

Shutout City: The Braves were shutout last night for the 4th time in their past 6 games at Miller Park. They’ve been shutout 6 of the past 9 times they’ve played the Brewers. Whatever book Milwaukee has on our hitters it’s working, and working really well.

Game Recap: I did a game recap of yesterday’s Opening Day loss for Bleacher Report. Check it out here.

At least there were no injuries… the Nationals were not so lucky, as their catcher may be out for a while.

Fredi was first at something: The replay challenge won by Fredi Gonzalez on a safe call at first base in the bottom of the sixth was the first challenge won by a manager in MLB history. It was the right call, it was quick (58 seconds)–the system worked! Trivia night here I come.

Behind the O’s and Reds! ESPN’s first Power Rankings are out, and they list the Braves 12th… behind the O’s and Reds. It’s a long season, nowhere to go but up, right? Anyway, I wrote the Braves blurb.

Mystery Lefty: The Braves signed lefty reliever Luis Perez to a minor league contract. He was the “mystery lefty” that David O’Brien reported was throwing (unimpressively) in the Braves bullpen towards the end of Spring Training. Perez has 78 games of MLB experience in the Blue Jays bullpen the past three seasons. At this point any depth is good depth. If Ryan Buchter or Ian Thomas don’t succeed in the Atlanta bullpen, then Perez could be an option.

Brady Feigl: I like knowing the back story behind guys that the Braves sign, especially the ones who are undrafted free agents. The Braves signed a pitcher named Brady Feigl this offseason, and he’s slated to begin the year with the Rome Braves. His college newspaper has the story, well worth the read. The Braves did a good job of getting non-drafted free agents last year with Wes Parsons and Eric Pfisterer. And a good job the year before too, with Ian Thomas and James Hoyt.

End of spring releases: It’s always a sad time when players get released, and toward the end of Spring Training there are usually a lot of Minor League players who get cut from the team. Here is the list from last week, via BA: RHP Wilson Rivera, RHP Clint Wright, LHP Robert Fish, 1B Robinson Arno, 2B Ross Heffley, 2B Omar Luna, OF Dan Brewer, OF Dustin Martin. Rivera is the surprise here. I ranked him 29th on my top-30 prospect list this season, and there was some agreement among folks that follow Braves prospects that he had a good chance to develop into a quality reliever. I thought Wright should have gotten challenged more than he was.

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