2014 MLB Predictions

I don’t usually do predictions, but I was asked to put some together for an ESPN thing so I figured I might as well post them here… mainly so we can all revel in how wrong they are at the end of the season. Here are my predictions for each division with a blurb about each one.

AL East
Boston 95-67
NY Yankees 94-68
Tampa Bay 86-76
Baltimore 82-80
Toronto 76-86

As we all know, Boston’s Strong. Is that how it goes? At any rate, the gritty BoSox formula works again. The Yanks off-season additions net them a Wild Card berth. Everyone else in the division disappoints.

AL Central
Detroit 85-77
Kansas City 84-78
Cleveland 83-79
Chicago WS 70-92
Minnesota 69-93

Detroit barely holds off the upstart Royals and Indians, but overall the whole division is rather mediocre, though the three team race is exciting at the end.

AL West
LA Angels 89-73
Texas 87-75
Oakland 86-76
Seattle 80-82
Houston 59-103

It’s a scrum, but the Angels get back on top, and Texas takes the second Wild Card spot. Oakland barely loses out. Houston gets the first pick again.

NL East
Atlanta 93-69
Washington 91-72
NY Mets 75-87
Miami 69-93
Philadelphia 62-100

Yeah, I’m picking the Braves! They hold off the Nats, who take the Wild Card. Everyone else in the division fades to terrible late in the year, especially Philly.

NL Central
St Louis 101-61
Pittsburgh 92-70
Cincinnati 82-80
Milwaukee 75-87
Chicago Cubs 68-94

St. Louis is awesome. Pittsburgh repeats their performance from last year. Cincy and Milwaukee don’t have enough to contend.

NL West
LA Dodgers 90-72
San Francisco 79-83
San Diego 77-85
Arizona 76-86
Colorado 75-87

Dodgers win the division before the calendar turns to September. Everyone else in the division is just about equally horrid.

And of course, Braves over Yankees in the World Series. Ervin Santana is the WS MVP after 16 innings of shutout pitching… which gets him the big contract he wanted next off-season, from of all teams, the Yankees.


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