Braves Lines from the Weekend

Just Another Panic Monday: It wouldn’t be a weekend around Atlanta Braves spring training camp if there’s weren’t injuries.

Doumit left in the second inning after taking a foul tip off his bare right hand. The club diagnosed Doumit with a right middle finger bruise, and precautionary X-rays came back negative. Freeman, meanwhile, suffered a left thumb bruise while trying to snag a line drive down the first-base line in the second inning.

It sounds like each injury will take a few days to heal. Luckily this is the spring, and the Braves can afford to give players time to rehab their injuries… but jeez! Can we chill with the injuries, and injury scares.

El Oso Bone Chip: Speaking of injuries, apparently Evan Gattis had surgery this off-season:

Gattis told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he had arthroscopic surgery to remove what he called a dime-sized bone chip that had been “floating around” in his knee right knee since around 2006, the year he had knee surgery known as the OATS procedure, when he was in junior college.

I wonder why it was a secret. If the surgery had been announced there might have been more pressure on the team to try and keep McCann. This might also be some of the impetus behind acquiring Ryan Doumit, as catching insurance.

Reality setting in Monday: Today is the day that both Kris Medlen and Brandon Beachy visit Dr. James Andrews, and find out if they will each need a second Tommy John surgery. With Medlen it seems to be a foregone conclusion, but Beachy’s fate is a bit unclear. Unlike Medlen who felt that pop again while pitching, Beachy’s setbacks have been subtle in nature. It hasn’t been a sudden event that has plagued Beachy, but rather a lack of progress in feeling close to 100% while throwing off a mound, as well as persistent soreness and inflammation.

Good news, please: Mike Minor is getting closer to being ready, albeit slowly:

“I’ve gotten better and better,” Minor said. “The whole time was one of those things where I felt good, but I was getting sore after every [bullpen session] that I threw. It was like soreness everywhere [throughout my body]. The more and more I have thrown, the less and less it gets and the faster the healing time is.”

The Braves are being understandably cautious with Minor after the injury shocks of the past few weeks. At this pace it appears that Minor will miss the first two to four weeks of the season.

This extra caution the Braves are exercising with Minor seems to be extending to the other Atlanta players coming off of injury. Tyler Pastornicky is being brought along very slowly, and while he may finally make it into games later this week, it may be too late to be ready for the start of the season. Gavin Floyd is also progressing slowly, though he was never expected to start the season with Atlanta. Newly acquired starter Ervin Santana may be delayed a week or two into the season as the Braves ease him slowly into game action.

The Next Line of Defense: In the search for more starting pitchers the Braves have looked into their system, and the next best option is RHP Gus Schlosser. He’s an up-and-comer as a prospect, and someone I’m pretty high on (in the mid-to-back of the rotation department). Frank Wren gives us the organizational line on Schloss:

“He slid into a spot which we didn’t anticipate, but we do think he has the stuff, he has the makeup,” Wren said. “He’s established himself as a guy we can trust. Now he’s going to get an opportunity to show us what he can do out here.”

We’re gonna need a nickname for Schlosser. My natural inclination is to adapt his last name, which in German means castle or chateau. The fact that Wren described him as “the next line of defense” should go well with Gus Castle… let’s work on it.

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