Braves Lines for Thursday

The Braves didn’t lose yesterday, but they got stuck with one of those darn ties.

Brandon Beachy didn’t allow a hit through three innings of work in his second spring start. He issued one walk, hit a batter, and struck out a batter while putting up a solid outing. Of course, there was this:

It’s still early in spring, so there’s time to warm up to more velocity, but that could be a cause for concern. Apparently he’s just taking it slow:

Beachy said he’s still “babying” how he implements his offspeed pitches, but that’s generally the final piece of the puzzle anyway. He observed that he’s not quite “really letting it go and ripping it,” but he obviously expects to do so before the regular season.

We’ll keep a close eye on his velocity. Before the surgery Beachy’s velocity was between 90 and 94, with spikes up to 96. His velocity in yesterday’s game more closely resembled his velocity when he returned to the mound last season with poor results.

Respect the A: The Braves have instituted a new rule this year, according to writer Scott Miller:

Respect the A, for Atlanta… at least until they’re in Cobb County.

Respect the Ankiel: Yesterday Rick Ankiel announced he was retiring from baseball. He had an interesting 11 year career, with possibly his two biggest moments coming for and against the Braves. First when he was a pitcher with the Cardinals in 2000, and the wheels came off while he was on the mound. In a postseason start against Atlanta he threw five wild pitches and issued six walks in less than three innings. That was the beginning of the end of his pitching career, but he remade himself into a pretty good hitter. The highlight of his career as a hitter came as a member of the Braves, again in the postseason, this time against the Giants in 2010, when Ankiel hit a go-ahead home run in the 11th inning to give the Braves their only win of that postseason. (Video below, it’s a bit big for the page, but MLB embed codes are weird.)

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