Braves Lines for Wednesday

Braves lost another spring game yesterday, wait, what? No, they didn’t lose. They WON! I’m just so used to thinking they lost I must have typed that out of habit.

Little Phil Gosselin came through with a one-out bases clearing triple in the eighth inning. The Nats were apparently experimenting with defensive configurations, and moved an outfielder to the infield, leaving plenty of places for Gosselin to hit the ball if he got it over the infielders’ heads… and he did.

Last on the bench: In the box score combing department, I noticed that in yesterday’s game Jose Constanza had two fielding errors in the outfield, while Joey Terdoslavich had an outfield assist. Is Georgie gonna lose this thing because of defense?

A different McCann in camp: Amy McCann, a member of the Australian women’s baseball team, was hanging out in Braves camp yesterday. Her Twitter timeline is full of terrific pictures of Braves players, including this one:

Speaking of McCann, the Braves don’t play the Yankees until March 16th.

Another visitor to Braves spring training camp yesterday was NBC Sports blogger Craig Calcaterra. He’s got a number of good photos and other tidbits here.

Talk about spring: I moved reliever Gus Schlosser up a notch yesterday on the Making the Team Meter, and there continues to be news about him coming out of camp:

“So far he has been the talk of the coaching staff in here,” Gonzalez said Monday, after watching Schlosser retire six of the seven batters he faced in two scoreless innings against the Mets.

Schlosser could make the jump to the Majors from his solid season at double-A last year. While he was a starting pitcher at Mississippi, he’s always been projected as a reliever, mainly because of his sidearm delivery. Speaking of sidearmers, Gene Garber is a special instructor in Braves camp, and he’s probably got his work cut out for him with the number of sidearm pitchers the Braves have.

Lots of young talent: Baseball Prospectus ranked the Braves third among all Major League teams in talent under 25-years-old.

Braves top-20: MLB’s Jonathan Mayo has a few more nuggets of Braves prospect wisdom from his recent visit to camp. There is also a link to the top-20 prospects.

Stupid Surge: Just stupid.

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