Braves Lines from the Weekend

Spring games start this Wednesday… hard to believe.

Extensions talk, and that’s it: So much of the news the past week has been about the Braves extensions. It seems like every baseball writer has chimed in with some version of the same theme with the requisite use of these buzzwords: money, prime years, John Hart, overpay, undervalued, stadium. It’s honestly been rather boring reading, and now lightly skimming all those articles. I guess there’s nothing else to talk about… so just keep writing about it.

Get mapped for the show: A neat article about several Braves players getting digitally mapped to go into the video game “MLB: The Show.”

Hash’s crew required a three-hour setup of six off-the-shelf digital cameras, aligning them vertically on a tower in the vague shape of a ramp. The barber chair faces the tower and can spin whichever way the Sony folks need. There is a constant need for re-takes. Players often begin to anticipate the flash; blinking and squinting are common hurdles. But the results are “movie quality,” according to Hash, and when it’s all said and done, the game’s designers are delivered a three-dimensional face that inches closer and closer to its real-life counterpart with each passing year.

A Cuban possibility: DOB tweets that the latest Cuban on the free agent market could interest the Braves. Even though he’s a shortstop, the Braves might see him at second or third.

Bonzo: I don’t want to doom the kid, but we need a nickname for Tommy La Stella, and well, he kind of looks like the character named Bonzo from the movie Ender’s Game. This works on multiple levels, as we can now say that we’d rather have Bonzo at second base in Atlanta rather than the bozo who currently plays there.


That shot of the actor on the right is the only one I could find that looked like he did in the movie. Apparently there are no shots of him from the movie available to use, but the movie version of him looks a lot more like La Stella…. er, I mean Bonzo.

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