Braves Pitchers and Catchers Report, I Unveil Chop County

Today is reporting day for the Atlanta Braves pitchers and catchers, traditionally the official start of spring training. Because of Snowmageddon Part II in Atlanta, many pitchers, catchers, position players, and beat writers got down to Orlando early in the week. With the recent spate of snow-jams and arctic vortexes I wish I was in sunny Orlando too.

But instead I’m in Atlanta, snowed in for the second day in a row — a great opportunity, along with the celebration of pitchers and catchers, to launch a new name for the blog. Ever since I started last year I had intended for it to be a temporary name until I found one that was more Braves-centric. Luckily for me the Braves move to the burbs inspired a name… Chop County (

Notice the new banner at he top, courtesy of my pal Danny (RoyHobbs from TC). Over the next week or so I’ll be adding more elements to change things over from to Let me know what you think of the new name by tweeting me @gondeee (yeah, I’m going to keep that Twitter handle, though I’ve also got @chopcounty).

So thanks for stopping by and hopefully you’ve bookmarked me and/or added me to your RSS reader. Make sure you are up to speed on all the competition for the final two bullpen spots with the Braves Bullpen Building Blocks posts:

  1. The 2013 core hold-overs.
  2. Guys who usually start, but could relieve.
  3. Other relievers on the 40-man roster.
  4. Non-roster invitees.
  5. Relievers further down on the farm.

Braves semi-daily lines should be back tomorrow as there is now regular news to report, and the Making the Team Meter should get cranked up here in about a week.

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