On Holiday

keep-calm-i-m-on-holiday-1A heads up that I will be on holiday through the end of Thanksgiving, traveling across the pond to London, then chunneling to Normandy, the Loire Valley, and finally Paris. If you’d like to follow along you can catch my tweets on Twitter @gondeee, or you can view the Pinterest board for my trip here.

I did a Pinterest board last year for my trip (around the same time) to Spain and Portugal and it worked out really well. I never seem to find the time to add photos to any sort of album once I get back from a vacation, so I just take time at meals and breaks in the day to add photos to a Pinterest board that I curate throughout the trip.

I have delusions about being a travel writer/blogger, and while I initially tried to get that rolling with this site (before it became just about the Braves), I wasn’t able to find an angle that kept my interest.

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