Does Braves GM Frank Wren have a Twitter account? Yes, he does.

Remember the days when everyone would get super excited because Chipper Jones was joining Twitter, or Kris Medlen and Peter Moylan were making fun of each other in the tweether. Those were the days when we wished that everyone would get a Twitter account. And when a player didn’t get one, then occasionally a fake one filled the void.

I ran into Frank Wren during this past season at an Appalachian League baseball game in Johnson City, Tennessee. He was there to see his son, Kyle Wren, play in some of his first professional games for the Danville Braves, and I was there to… well, to basically see the same thing, as well as all the other young Braves players, most of whom were just drafted.

I noticed Frank Wren as soon as I walked in, with his white mane he’s hard to miss, I waved a hello to him with my Braves cap on. Just after the first pitch I tweeted this panorama with him in the stands and his son Kyle at bat to begin the game:

Little did I know that there were other Wrens in the stands… and they were reading my tweets:


Colby Wren is Frank’s eldest son, and he was able to setup a quick little chat with the GM… all through the power of Twitter! So I had a few innings to think of questions to ask him. I didn’t want to take up too much of his time, he was here to watch his son after all. I did need to ask him about Blaine Sims, whom I had just interviewed a few days earlier, and I wanted a quote to fit into that story. I asked him a couple of other things, none of which were very good on my part, and then I asked him if he had a Twitter account, since that was how this little interview got set up in the first place. Here is the exchange:

Me: Any thoughts of starting your own Twitter account?

Frank Wren: I have one.

Me: Oh you do?

FW: I do, just no one knows what it is.

Me: No one knows what it is!?

FW: It’s a Twitter account so I can follow, but not be followed.

Me: You’re not going to share that with me?

FW: No.

Me: You’re not going to tweet?

FW: No, not going to tweet.

Me: Is FauxFrankWren holding down the fort?

FW: He’s got me covered. And I tried it; they setup a dummy account for me probably three springs ago, and they wanted me to try it. I think because there was a push by MLB to get more General Managers and front office people tweeting. And so my first few tweets were in spring training, and I said, okay, this is kind of cool, until the games began. And once the games began then I realized that everything I tweet can have meaning to one party or another. You know if I tweet “John Smith had a good game today, boy that was good stuff today,” what if he’s in competition with Adam Brown, and Adam Brown says “hey, what about me?” Then when Adam Brown pitches and I don’t tweet anything, then he’s [left] wondering. So there were just too many conflicts for me to feel like it was the right thing to do.


So there you have it… Frank Wren is a lurker. He’s out there possibly reading your tweets. I started thinking what his Twitter handle might be…


Maybe one day we’ll figure out what it is… surely someone out there has time to figure it out.

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