Braves lines from Monday

Tragedy yesterday in DC as another mass shooting befell an American town. By now you probably know that the Navy Yards are less than a mile from Nationals Park, an area I’m recently familiar with having stayed with a friend who lives a few hundred yards from the stadium when I visited back in early April. I’ve changed the photo at the top of the site to a photo of Nationals park I took during that visit.

The Metro station used to attend Nats games is called Navy Yards Station. The whole area is very up-and-coming and being redeveloped at lightning quick speed. One of the great streets for bar hopping and hanging out is 8th street, just North of I-695; a street which if taken a few blocks South of I-695 runs directly into the Navy Yards.

The Braves players were understandably shaken by the events happening a few blocks away, and appropriately respectful in their comments:

“There’s a lot of guys that didn’t want to play,” Braves third baseman Chris Johnson said. “We thought it was kind of disrespectful to play. That is right across the street. To be able to hear cheering and they’re supposedly using one of the parking lots for families. Stuff like that, [the ballpark] just should be quiet for today.”

“Nobody is thinking about baseball,” Braves reliever Scott Downs said. “Baseball is a game. You look at the real-life perspective when things go on. That’s the last thing I want to do or any team wants to do, especially when something is going on five minutes down the road.”

Chris Johnson really put the whole tragedy in perspective from his and a baseball point of view:

“It’s just a game,” Johnson said. “This is way more important than baseball, clinching a division, home-field advantage and all that kind of stuff. People lost their lives and their families. We’ll just dedicate this day to them.”

There will be frequent reminders of the yesterday’s events throughout today’s doubleheader. Hopefully these are two good games that players from both sides can be proud of.

Hudson nominated for Clemente Award for 11th time: Tim Hudson is not only an All-Star and an ace pitcher, but he is one of the leading players in giving back to the community. Today is Roberto Clemente day, and a player from each team is nominated for their work in the charities in their community. The Hudson’s are involved in several charities in and around Atlanta, click here to read all about it.

Rookie hazing: I touched on it yesterday, but if you want a compilation of photos and a good explanation of the whole thing, visit the post on Love My Bravos.

Power Rankings: ESPN Power Rankings are up for this week, with the Braves still at 3, behind the Red Sox (1) and Dodgers (2), and in front of the surging Athletics (4). Your’s truly wrote the comment for the Braves.

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