Braves lines from Monday

Home sweet Miami, and another Braves WIN! The Braves are now 6-and-1 in Miami this year.

A funny thing happened in the 4th: …the Braves got some hits! It was the only inning of the game in which the Braves collected a base hit. In the game they were out-hit by Florida 8 to 5, but when all the hits come in one inning (and 3 of them are doubles) that usually leads to run scoring. It’s still massively frightening to note how feckless the Atlanta offense was outside of that one inning…

Grounded: The first two Miami pitchers, Alvarez and Hand, induced 14 groundouts to 1 flyout (and 4 strikeouts). The night before, Cole Hamels got the Braves to groundout 11 times to just 1 flyout (and 9 strikeouts). Everyone in the Braves lineup is suddenly topping everything… that’s weird.

Hope for Hey: The other good news from Monday’s win was that Jason Heyward will take some big steps towards returning to the field this week. Here are a couple of tweets from Braves reporters regarding the Atlanta right fielder:

No relief for relievers: LHP Scott Downs is still unable to take the mound due to a broken finger tip on his glove hand. He is apparently waiting for a special padded glove to arrive, as it is currently too painful for him to even receive a throw back from the catcher. RHP Jordan Walden, sidelined for almost two weeks, is scheduled to test his strained groin in a bullpen session today. If all goes well he could return to the bullpen within a week.

That was the glass half full approach. If you would prefer the doom and gloom version, go here.

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