Gondeee Joins ESPN SweetSpot Blog Network

In a weird 80s-remake sort of way I have traded places with the guys from Capitol Avenue Club. When I decided to leave Talking Chop, the SB Nation folks in charge asked the ESPN SweetSpot bloggers at Capitol Avenue Club to join TC, and they accepted.

After I made the decision to leave TC I still wanted to keep writing about the Braves in some form or fashion — I had been blogging about the Braves since 2005, after all — and so I started gondeee.com. I realized that I would need a way for new people to find my work, and so I asked David Schoenfield if he’d like a new Braves blog to replace CAC… and he did.

There’s a cool cache to having the ESPN banner above your name. Aside from that and some linkage I really don’t expect much, but that fits perfectly with what I’m trying to do on gondeee.com. I’m not trying to build an all-encompassing Braves website, I’m just trying to put out solid daily content, game reports, and the occasional interview.

During this whole move away from TC and SB Nation and eventually towards the SweetSpot blog the clip that kept playing in my head was this one from Seinfeld:

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