About gondeee

On the internet everyone needs a unique handle, so I long ago started using gondeee for mine. It was clean, simple, easy to remember, and available on most websites. Gondeee is a play on my last name, which is in turn a play on Gandhi.

I’ve been blogging about the Atlanta Braves since the 2005 off-season at Talking Chop. In 2013 I decided to step away from running a big and involved site like TC and get back to a simpler style of writing about the Braves. I feel that blogging should have a personality to it, and while TC was a great site, it had gotten so big and corporate that it had lost its personality.

I have comments turned off so that I can focus on delivering content, and not moderating comments and deleting spam comments. I may change that policy in the future, but for now any comments or questions you have can be tweeted to me @gondeee.

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