The intro post to, a blog about the Atlanta Braves

Welcome to I’ve been writing about Atlanta Braves baseball at Talking Chop for the past 8 years. I grew the site in readership and added other writers as SB Nation grew, and I changed with SB Nation throughout the years.

Talking Chop grew from being a blog about one man’s opinions about the Braves into a website and community that lived and breathed with every move the Braves made. While it was fun to build and then manage for a long time, it became more of a chore. In some ways the things I really loved about blogging have, in the past year, been co-opted by a site redesign and encroaching corporate culture that became more about aesthetics and pageviews rather than about treating the content as king.

So I stepped away.

My original thought was to stop writing about the Braves for a while, but as I pored over that decision I realized that my desire to leave was really about wanting to get back to a blog that was mainly me writing about the things I thought were interesting in the Braves universe, and not trying to cover every story from every angle.

I’m going back to blogging about the Braves in a format in which I have total control. A format that doesn’t seek to guild the lily. A simple presentation of my opinions and analysis, taking everything I’ve learned these past eight years and presenting it without pretense or agenda. will be about getting back to the traditional scroll-like blog that allows readers to wander down the page through the stories and read in reverse chronological order, or funnel that content easily to an RSS reader. At first I’m going to focus on just pointing out interesting “lines” from the previous day — be they batting lines, pitching lines, spoken lines, or written lines. I want the content to be easily digestible and concise enough that it doesn’t take long to read and grasp the latest news and info.

I’ll write about the Major League Braves, as well as a lot about the minor league teams and players. When it’s necessary, longer posts will appear. When I need a break, or when nothing of particular interest is going on, no posts will appear.

I’m going to turn comments on the blog off for now. If you want to comment or ask a question, you can tweet me @gondeee. Hopefully you will come along for the ride and bookmark the site or add it to your RSS reader, or just look for the link on Twitter each day.

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